Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Post-construction cleaning services include industrial strength cleaning of a space that's recently undergone a small or large construction project. We help clean the space after the construction project is finished. 
Industrial Vacuuming 

More than your every day vacuuming, our industrial grade vacuum cleaner will get more than just dust and dirt. We'll make sure the floors are sparkling and spotless.

Flooring Cleaning

We will deep clean the surfaces of hardwood, vinyl and tile flooring to remove any drywall dust and debris from the flooring. 

Construction Progress & Final Cleaning 

We'll properly dispose of nails, used paint cans, drywall and other debris left over after construction projects. 

Windows and Frames

We'll make sure the dust and grime that inevitably collect on windows during the construction process are cleaned thoroughly so that all you see is sparkle and shine. 

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