Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning is our specialty. A clean and appealing office can return an accepting and warm feeling throughout your company, but you will most likely not have the time to clean your office properly.  SCC Commercial Cleaning Services can quickly resolve that problem for you. Your offices are one of the most important images of your company. It gives your clients a lasting impression. Let us give you the ease of one-stop shopping for all of your commercial cleaning needs.
Janitorial Services 

Vacuuming, dusting and trash removal are all included in our commercial janitorial services. 

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Tile & Grout

If you’ve noticed dirt and dust collecting between your tiles, giving your floors an unclean look, call us. We know that repeated mopping and scrubbing doesn’t have much effect! Our skills and cleaning methods will get your tile and grout looking great again.

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Windows and Frames

Smudgy windows? Not while we're on the job. We have a special all-natural blend of glass sparkling super cleaner that will make those windows and frames shine. 

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Full Carpet Care

Trust our experienced technicians to clean them when they get soiled.We use the latest technology and products to give you superior results every time.Let our team of professionals work closely with you to give you clean, like-new carpeting throughout your business.

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Details are our specialty! We feel that cleaning baseboards and woodwork are part of a job well done. 

Event Preparation

Are you having a special event at your place of business? Holiday party, clients from out of town, corporate gathering? Deep cleaning of the office, floors and windows help ensure you're giving the best impression. 

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