About Us

I served in The United States Navy for 14 years. In that time, I was instructed on how to clean everything from the barrack’s rooms and shower stalls to stripping and waxing the floors of the entire set of office spaces in which I worked. It taught me an unbelievably valuable lesson that what I considered as clean, in the beginning, was not appreciated by my chain of command. That meant I had to clean that area all over again. From that point on I decided that any time I was instructed to clean an area, that my supervisors would be impressed with my work. As I made rank, I instructed those that I supervised to clean to my standards. Here at SCC, I bring that same commitment to you. As a customer I feel that you should be completely satisfied when a company does work for you. And I will commit to you that our work is not done, until you say so. Let us proudly serve.